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From small businesses to Fortune 100 firms, I teach audiences to build workplaces and lives defined by what makes them happy.

Hi, I’m Sue!

Over the past 25 years, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to climb the corporate ladder. I’ve done it—and the view isn’t always what you expect when you finally reach the top.

Are there perks? Sure. But is there fulfillment? That’s another story.

To thrive in the future, I believe we need to redefine success to include happiness.

My professional experience runs the gamut—from corporate exec to speaker and author, to executive coach and communications consultant, to MBA instructor at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Across all my work, my goal remains consistent: to inspire and empower teams to align their work with their values.

Sue Guiher

Put a date on hold


Happy employees ...

When we redefine success according to what makes us happy, we free ourselves to start pursuing success on our own terms.

What does success look like? Hint: It’s not always a
big title in a big company.

KEYNOTE: Redefining Success

Success is not the key to happiness…

Happiness is the Key to Success.

We are constantly being influenced by outside
opinions to follow society’s “shoulds.”

  • “I should choose that college.”
  • “I should take that job.”
  • “I should go after that promotion.”

Sound familiar? I call that voice “the success bully”—and I’m sure it’s bullied you at some point in your life, too.

Without even knowing it, our lives can become a series of actions based, not on what will truly make us happy, but on shoulds. And we begin to forget what we really want for ourselves.

In my speech “Redefining Success,” audiences learn what it takes to shun the shoulds, embrace their own path to personal and professional happiness, and achieve meaningful, lasting success.

“Redefining Success”
empowers audiences to...

  • Define: What they want and
    stand firm in their decision
  • Align:Their vision with
    their values
  • Design:Daily experiences
    with intentionality

Ready to redefine success on YOUR terms?

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